North Wildwood is located on the Jersey Shore in Cape May County, New Jersey, 45 minutes from Atlantic City and its international airport.

Reasons to Move to North Wildwood, New Jersey

Wildwood, New Jersey, is a small town. On one side, there’s an aging residential population that wants to escape the bustle of the big city, and on the other, a growing number of young professionals who are looking to settle down. It’s a perfect storm for a community that wants to attract new residents and new businesses while keeping its own identity intact. The only thing that makes Wildwood unique is its proximity to New York City.

New Jersey is home to some of the best beaches in the world but for many people, the state’s beauty is not enough reason to move there. Wildwood, New Jersey has many advantages that might just change your mind.


A lot of people are moving to wildwood because it has a reputation for being a beautiful beach town with a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for a small-town vibe but you want the luxury of big city amenities like restaurants, clubs, movie theaters, and shopping malls, you will want to check out Wildwood. Although, this suburb is home to a wide variety of businesses including a large retail center, several grocery stores, and fast food restaurants. The city of Wildwood is dotted with cultural marvels and outstanding restaurants.

The boardwalk, a popular destination for live entertainment, amusement park rides and games, shops, and restaurants, is a perfect place to unwind. In addition, a beach is a place for fun and adventure with a 5-mile coastline.

A variety of wild animals are on display at Cape May County Park and Zoo, and there are also fun activities like the wildlife carousel, hummingbird express train ride, beekeeper presentation, and photo booth for kids. Many exciting events including the Wildwood International Kite Festival occur here.

Reasons to Move to North Wildwood

The neighborhood’s architecture, beautiful environment, and variety of fun attractions make living in Wildwood a unique experience. A beautiful coastal resort atmosphere is what makes Wildwood, New Jersey, so special. Residents enjoy the large influx (over 240,000 visitors to the city every year) of seasonal tourism, as well as the quieter months during the private off-season.

Cost of living in North Wildwood, New Jersey

The overall cost of living in North Wildwood, New Jersey is 117. The cost of goods & services is 99, groceries 99, health care 91, housing 157, transportation 102, and utilities 110.

The cost of living in North Wildwood is 3% lower than the New Jersey average, 17% higher than the national average and housing is 57% higher than the national average.

In North Wildwood the average household income is $73,637 with a poverty rate of 11.12%. The median rental costs in recent years reached $1,199 per month and the median house value is $347,600.

What are the demographics of North Wildwood, New Jersey?

Out of 565 cities in the state of New Jersey, North Wildwood is the 423rd most populated city. The largest North Wildwood ethnic groups are White followed by Hispanic and Two or More.

  • White: 96.39%
  • Two or more races: 2.61%
  • Other race: 1.00%
  • Black or African American: 0.00%
  • Native American: 0.00%
  • Asian: 0.00%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.00%


Population by Age and Gender

    • Male Population:   46.76%
    • Female Population:   53.24%
    • 10 years:   4%
    • 10-17 years:   4%
    • 18-24 years:   7%
    • 25-34 years:   7%
    • 35-44 years:   3%
    • 45-54 years:   11%
    • 55-64 years:   17%
    • 65+ years:   47%

The median age is 57.8 years in North Wildwood, 56.8 years for males, and 59.6 years for females.

Things to do in North Wildwood, New Jersey

Famous for its world-class boardwalk and admission-free sandy beaches, Wildwood is truly the East Coast’s premier vacation destination, this city offers endless adventure and family fun. Here are some of them;

How many people live in North Wildwood, New Jersey – Population?

Located in New Jersey, North Wildwood has a population of 3,537, currently declining at a rate of -1.17% annually and its population has decreased since the most recent census. The population density in North Wildwood is 89% higher than in New Jersey and the median age is 42% higher than in New Jersey. The number of people per household in North Wildwood is 2.1, 56.7% are married, 10.9% are divorced, 18.1% are married with children and 13.4% have children, but are single.

North Wildwood, New Jersey Weather

In North Wildwood, the summers are warm and humid while the winters are very cold, windy, and wet and it is partly cloudy year round. The temperature typically varies from 29°F to 84°F and is rarely below 16°F or above 90°F over the course of the year. North Wildwood, New Jersey gets 44 inches of rain, 12 inches of snow, and 206 sunny days on average, per year. September, June, and May are the most pleasant months to visit North Wildwood, NJ. The humidity in some summer months can be unpleasant but is usually comfortable in North Wildwood. March is the wettest month with 4.4 inches of rain and the driest month is February with 3.0 inches. April is the rainiest month with 10.8 days of rain and September is the driest month with only 7.9 rainy days.

North Wildwood, New Jersey Weather

The warm season starts from June to September & lasts for 3.4 months with an average daily high temperature above 75°F. The hottest month of the year is July with an average high of 83°F and a low of 69°F.

The cold season starts from December to March & lasts for 3.3 months with an average daily high temperature below 50°F. The coldest month of the year is January with an average low of 30°F and a high of 43°F.


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Average Income in North Wildwood, New Jersey

The average salary is $58,000 in North Wildwood, NJ and the average hourly pay is $27.0. The highest paying jobs are General Manager of Operations, Pharmacist, and Manager and the minimum wage rate is $12.0 per hour. The highest paying jobs are;

  • Computer Software Engineer:   $84,356
  • Market Analyst:   $63,736
  • Market Research Analyst:   $58,039

Taxes & Utilities in North Wildwood, New Jersey

The average electricity rate in Wildwood is 16.20¢ per kWh and the average households monthly electricity usage is 513 kWh, making the average bill around $83.

The minimum combined 2022 state, county, and city sales tax rate for North Wildwood, New Jersey is 6.63%. The New Jersey sales tax rate is currently 6.63%, the county sales tax rate is 0% and the North Wildwood sales tax rate is 0%.

Taxes & Utilities in North Wildwood

New Jersey’s general sales tax is 30% higher than the national average and state income tax is 43% lower than the national average.

Is North Wildwood, New Jersey good for singles?

If you live in New York City and enjoy spending time in the city’s natural spaces, Wildwood is a great place to visit. It features an array of nature trails for hikers, as well as opportunities to enjoy the outdoors through fishing, bird watching, and even mountain biking. The area is home to over 1,000 plant species, including several endangered or threatened species such as the Eastern Box Turtle and the American red cedar.

Want to get through challenging and customized workouts?


Gyms facilities offer a complete range of amenities that cater to each member’s individual needs in North Wildwood, New Jersey. These offer a fully-equipped cardio deck, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates free weights, and circuit training. They have personal trainers who help you get the results you desire. These fitness centers have something for everyone and offer affordable membership options to fit the needs of your budget and lifestyle. Some of them include;

  • La Fitness International
  • Crossfit Parallax
  • CrossFit 609
  • The Gym at 10th Street
  • MFit Gym

Want to enjoy your drinks at outdoor music venues?


The Wildwoods’ local nightlife for singles is as varied as the people who stay there. The Wildwoods remains lively long after the sun sets, offering everything singles are attracted to from waterfront restaurants with casual deck dining and reggae music to Irish pubs with real Celtic musicians and sports bars showing the biggest games of the night.

After dark, the Wildwoods is mostly known for its entertainment with live bands and singers taking center stage at many of the island’s nightclubs and outdoor music venues. After dark, you are sure to find anything you are searching for in the Wildwoods, whether you are in the mood for Oldies, Motown, Rock, Alternative, or Top 40s. A few of them are;

North Wildwood, New Jersey good for families

  • Joe’s Fish Co.
  • The Inlet on Olde
  • Salty Mermaid
  • Echo’s
  • Bennett Enterprises Inc

Is North Wildwood, New Jersey good for families?

Wildwood, New Jersey is a great destination for families. If you are looking for a beach vacation that’s good for families, consider Wildwood. The town is located along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and boasts many attractions, including great restaurants, shopping, beaches, boardwalks, and plenty of activities for kids. There are also some great family hotels, such as the Residence Inn Wildwood.

As more people discover the joys of camping, many of them are also looking for places that offer the best camping experience. For those who enjoy spending quality time with their children, a great way to provide a family-friendly camping experience is to head north to Wildwood, New Jersey. Whether you want to take your kids for a weekend away, have a romantic escape, or simply want a break from everyday life, wildwood is the perfect place to unwind.

How are the schools in North Wildwood, New Jersey?

schools in North Wildwood

Does North Wildwood, New Jersey has better schools?

Wildwood, New Jersey is a small town, but it has a big school district. With a population of 3,537, the Wildwood School District serves the residents of Wildwood. Students in grades 1 through 8 attend Wildwood Public Schools. Middle school students attend Wildwood Middle School and high school students attend either Wildwood High School or Ocean City High School.

Approximately 42.75% of the population in North Wildwood holds a high school degree, 20.96% have attained a college certificate and 10.78% have a bachelor’s degree.

Middle schools in North Wildwood, New Jersey

  • North Plainfield Middle School
  • Wildwood Middle School
  • North Arlington Middle School
  • Upper Township Middle School
  • Margaret Mace Elementary School

High schools in North Wildwood, New Jersey

  • Cape May County Technical High School
  • Cape May County High School
  • Cape May Regional School
  • Middle Township High School
  • Wildwood High School

Colleges & Universities in North Wildwood, New Jersey

  • Assumption College for Sisters
  • American Institute-Toms River
  • Delaware Technical and Community College Owens
  • Delaware State University
  • The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Churches in North Wildwood

Churches in North Wildwood, New Jersey

  • North Wildwood United Methodist Church
  • Central Bible Church
  • Simeon-by-the-Sea
  • Notre Dame de la Mer Parish
  • Primera Iglesia Hispana Assembly of God La Gran Comision

Conclusion: Why you should consider moving to North Wildwood, New Jersey

A lot of people move to Wildwood, New Jersey because they want to live close to nature. Many people choose Wildwood over Atlantic City because it is more peaceful and scenic. There is a slight difference in size and noise. It is definitely more family-friendly, and a lot of restaurants in Wildwood, New Jersey are there. As it is one of the top beach destinations on the East Coast so, from spring through late autumn, Wildwood, NJ, swells with tourists who come to enjoy a packed roster of family-friendly entertainment such as craft shows, truck and motocross races, weekly fireworks, food, and music festivals.

While North Wildwood beaches are not as expansive as Wildwood beaches, they provide a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere. Moore’s Inlet in the Wildwoods is a good spot for fishing and renting personal watercraft.

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